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Aquatic Microbial Ecology

Every year I teach in a block course (4-weeks intensive course) offered for advanced bachelor or master students. 

The course acquaints the participants with microscopic techniques and with molecular biological and biochemical approaches in aquatic microbial ecology through a project carried out in pair.

Image by The New York Public Library


I give a lecture about biogeochemistry focused on microorganisms and aquatic habitats as part of a broader course about limnoecology for advanced bachelor and master students.

Image by CDC

Teaching assistant for practicals

I assisted practicals in microbiology and in population ecology for bachelor students.

Student co-supervison

Blue Fish

Florian Randegger

Master Ecology - 2018

System efficiency of Microbial Communities

Paper Boat

Azeglio Diethelm

Master Microbiology - 2020

Functional redundancy in stochastically assembled microbial lake communities

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