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Ecology of
Polar Regions

Siberian Tundra,

Kytalyk National Park, 

Yakutia, Russia

About Me

Hello! I am Alizée, a passionate microbial ecologist exploring the hidden world of invisible organisms inhabiting our environment (Bacteria,  phytoplankton and other unicellular organisms). My focus lies in the exploration of remote regions, where a vast array of microorganisms thrive, playing vital roles for the global Earth. Among these captivating places, polar regions, like the Arctic, hold a special place in my heart, with their mesmerizing landscapes where aquatic and terrestrial realms converge into one breathtaking tapestry.

Where am working at the moment?

I am working at the University of Zurich, right by the lake at the limnological station. I am part of a group of scientists working on Global Change and Biodiversity (GCB)


Zurich, Switzerland

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